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Forget What People Tell You

Balance. That word used to annoy me. Still sorta does. Probably because I feel like I don’t have much of it in my life and everyone seems to be talking about the importance of living a balanced life. I’ve always felt like an extremist – all in or all out. Like if I didn’t pledge…

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What You Resist Persists

In school, the higher level of education we pursue, the more work we have to put in and the more difficult the test – for most of us, that is! Life lessons are no different.  But when you’re caught up in the day-to-day, it can be hard to remember that you’re even being tested, let…

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How to Make Genuine Connections

Hi Hive! So, last night I had the absolute honor and pleasure to moderate a panel on realizing your dreams for the National Organization of Italian-American Women at Cipriani Wall Street. Connecting with and inspiring young women to follow a life and career path that’s authentic to them is what gets this Queen Bee buzzing….

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Special Announcement from The Hive

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AMY PELOSO JOINS OMG!  The Queen Bee NYC Adds More Health and Happiness to Her Hive NEW YORK CITY – The Hive is pleased to announce the Queen Bee NYC, Amy Peloso, joined San Francisco-based Oh My Green! (OMG!, as the NYC Head of Happiness in February. OMG! provides healthy, non-GMO,…

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Are You Getting What You Want?

Surrender is a major player in the game of life. Whether we play it or bench it is often the difference between winning and losing. Hello and Happy New Year! (I can still say that, right?) Did you enjoy the holidays? Does it feel like they were eons ago?? Feels a little bit like that…

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